Physics for Every Patient

Medical Physics 3.0 is AAPM’s initiative to create a thriving future for the medical physics profession. That means finding new ways to add value to patient care and preparing medical physicists to adapt to constant change. We believe physicists have enormous untapped potential to improve human health through their skills and commitment.

You can be part of this movement by sharing a story of how you implemented a new idea or formed a new collaboration

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Core Tenets

What are good practices in medical physics?

Approaches, principles, expectations, postures, and ways of being that allow us to be better partners to the practice

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What are the areas of clinical growth?

Learn about the broad and specific opportunities for growth in the field of medical physics

Opportunities for Growth
Understanding the future of medical physics

Redefining and
reinvigorating the role of physics in clinical medicine

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What is Medical Physics 3.0?

Our motto is “Physics for Every Patient”


The driving force of our committee is to redefine, reinvigorate, and promote the practice of sustainable excellence in medical physics.

Goal of MP3.0

Every patient’s care can be improved by a medical physicist and every clinic should have a medical physicist.


Greater personalization and precision in procedures, and expansion on radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging, nuclear physics, health physics, and beyond.

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SMART Subcommittees

Creating transformational change in the practice of medical physics is by nature intrinsically uncertain. This challenging undertaking requires a multi-pronged approach through subcommittees. SMART is meant to invoke the character of intentionality, intelligence, effectiveness, and leanness in targeting the objectives of MP3.0.

SMART Practice

Devise working models and practice norms that encourage and facilitate the practice of MP3.0.

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SMART Practitioners

Define and encourage strong and explicit technical, clinical, and leadership competencies for practicing medical physicists to fully contribute.

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Encourage the development of technological resources that enable the practice of MP3.0 efficiently and consistently.

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SMART Regulations

To develop comprehensive professional expectations for MP3.0 practice through intentional regulations, guidelines, and accreditation. 

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SMART Advocacy

Advocate for the role and potential of medical physics to non-physicist professions, colleagues (e.g., administrators, physicians), and patients.

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SMART Grassroots

To develop a comprehensive communications strategy for MP3.0 to raise awareness among AAPM members of needed changes and evolution.

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SMART Expansion

Identify the needs and opportunities for medical physics research and clinical practice in fields of medicine beyond radiology and radiation oncology.

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Thought-provoking Videos

How medical physicists help real people

Medical physicists work across multiple healthcare disciplines.

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Watching Videos Helps Kids Avoid Anesthesia During Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is often a key part of treatment for many childhood cancers. Expecting children to remain still during the therapy, however, can be a challenge.

Stanford University
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State of The Modality: Integrated Communication for Better Clinical Care

Medical physicists' value in radiology departments can be underappreciated as often their complex reports are dismissed by looking only at the “pass/fail” results.

Duke University
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Medical Physicists Offer Expertise and Guidance to Cancer Patients

Today, cancer patients all too often undergo cancer treatment with only a radiation oncologist, and perhaps a nurse, directly responsible for their care.

UC San Diego Health
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